Anjum BabuKhan


Award-Winning Educationist


Lifelong Learner

Author of ABCs of Brain Compatible Learning and TEDx Speaker


Dr. Anjum Babukhan is an awarding-winning educationist, empowering trainer, and lifelong learner. She provides key insights for educators, parents and lifelong learners to navigate education in the 21st century.

Having pioneered an award-winning pedagogy in her private education group of schools in India, her twin focus has been on cultivating competence and character. Multiple Intelligence is the foundation upon which each learner’s journey is curated to develop their multi-faceted human potential.

With an experience of over two and half decades in implementing best teaching methodologies, her book, ABCs of Brain Compatible Learning, is a seminal work that is as informative as it is actionable. Through the book and educative youtube channel, Anjum has provided tried and tested approaches that parents and educators have implemented effectively with confidence to enhance learning and development.

Anjum Babukhan stands as a visionary thought leader whose passion for lifelong learning propels her forward to create a world that is empowered through education. In her words, “Education is exploratory, enriching and empowering. It is in our hands to create learning places that are nurturing spaces for every child.” With this powerful desire and vision, the dream called Glendale was born with the mission “to provide a learning places that are nurturing spaces for Multiple Intelligence, 21st Century Skills and universal Human Values for Holistic Growth.”


Winner of Psychology Honors Award.

Honorary Doctorate in Education by National American University

Anjum Babukhan, Managing Director - EdVantage Teacher Leadership Institute believes the best way to make a difference in society is to empower the teachers who can then bring about a positive change among the future generation. Her focus for the last two decades has been on teacher training which paved the way to set up the teaching training institute in 2011. Anjum has designed modules that have trained thousands of teachers over the years that have become an expanding part of what she calls the Teacher's Toolbox. 

Holds a Degree in Psychology from Loyola University, Chicago and pursued M. Ed. in Educational Administration and Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Director-Education, Glendale Academy International, Ms. Anjum has created a K-12 institutions "par excellence" in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana along with an expanding group of institutions.

Empowering Teacher Trainer, equipping teachers with all the necessary teaching tools required to enhance their skills and expertise in teaching for last 22 years.

Lifelong Learner herself has attended several courses, workshops and conferences worldwide including the “Leadership in Learning” conference at Cambridge University


My Book

ABCs of Brain Compatible Learning

This Book isn’t a normal book on body language of facial expressions. Yes, it includes all of those things, as well as new techniques on how to truly detect lies in your everyday life, but this book is more about understanding human.

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