Anjum BabuKhan

An award-winning educator, visionary thought leader, and passionate lifelong learner synergizes the best of East and West as she lives, learns, loves, and leads in the ‘TWAIN’. Her ‘ikigai’ is to “illuminate the full spectrum of human potential”, to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. Her quest for holistic development has taken her across the globe into the best institutions such as Harvard to Stanford, to gather and distill the nectar of knowledge which she synthesizes into the sweet honey of wisdom to share with others.

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Dr. Anjum BabuKhan Director Glendale Academy

Anjum has been the Director-Education for her group of schools for over 25 years. She has synergized the best of the global pedagogies from across the globe and synthesized them to ensure cutting edge pedagogy in her group schools.

Having pioneered an award-winning pedagogy in her private education group of schools in India by the name of Glendale Education, the twin focus has been on cultivating competence and character. Multiple Intelligence is the foundation upon which each learner’s journey is curated to develop their multi-faceted human potential.


Whole Person Approach

So fasten your learning seatbelts and get ready to take off into a multi-dimensional world of holistic development where you nourish the domains of the body, mind, heart and spirit for the enhancement of your potential!

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To Leave a Legacy

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An educator's encyclopedia for holistic development, Anjum has curated and synthesized content and resources which resonate with her, from various sources. She has alphabetically arranged the content for easy reference.

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