The Spirit Domain


The Whole Person Approach

There are four domains that The Whole Person Approach (WPA) consists of the BODY, HEART, MIND and SPIRIT across the Multiple Intelligence (MI) spectrum. They also reinforce the Four Cs of the 21st century: Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration.

"Our purpose here on earth: to manifest the very nature of our spirit, which is touched by the spirit of God” –Rumi


Creative Spirit! Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Students unleashed their Creative Spirit by choosing to represent themselves with colors and symbols that resonate with their inner spirit. Photography, artistic themes and sensorial touch were a few options from the menu created to discover & recover their creative self.

When children drip, splash, splatter colours, move along the canvas and different mediums with fingers, brushes, spatulas and rollers they dabble in science and basics of math. The fine motor skills improve as they manipulate the paintbrush or bare fingers to make the color-saturated canvases burst with movement and character.

In SPIRIT domain under visual-spatial, students were also given an array of activities to indulge in ranging from Virtual Tours, viewing snippets of exhilarating Dance and Music performances, aesthetic appreciation of Museums and Historical and Cultural sites.

Did You Know

Music even works more rapidly and intensely upon the mind than any art, because it requires so little conscious reflection The Journal of Positive Psychology conducted a study in 2013 that discovered that individuals who listened to music that could be classified as happy and upbeat were able to improve their mood and overall happiness in just a few weeks.

Call of Spirit! Existential Intelligence

It was heartening to see our children attempting to discover the spark that makes their life meaningful and joyous! The menu of SPIRIT including opportunities for quiet introspection and self-realization. They pen-downed their experiences in the journals, scrapbooks and ‘My Heart’ maps while also creating ‘Zen Zone’ to spend ‘Me-Time.

’Existential intelligence refers to deep sensitivity and people’s ability to handle intense questions such as the meaning of existence. It’s one of the most complex and rarest of the nine types of intelligence proposed by American psychologist, Howard Gardner. Being aware, helps us to move towards discovering our purpose and how we can work towards living a meaningful life.

Strive to Find The Answers for Questions Like

  • Who am I?
  • What gets you ‘in the ZONE’ or ‘in FLOW’
  • Where do you “find your BLISS?
  • What is the meaning of life on earth and reason for one’s existence?
  • What is the impact you want to leave on this world?

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for

Parents Testimonials

Mrs. Sasmitha Singha: Parent of Shrihaan Das (Nursery)

The Whole Person Approach" Curriculum... what a wonderful initiative! We are constantly amazed by the genuine interest and care Glendale gives to our kids on a daily basis. This is our son's first preschool experience, and as a parent, I cannot express enough love and gratitude to those involved in helping to mould and influence my son in such a positive and loving atmosphere!

Ms. Rajitha Koganti: Parent of Akhil Polimetla (Grade-3A)

WPA Spirit Template was an outstanding and impressive template where the kids had an opportunity to do the activities to find the spark which makes life beautiful and meaningful. The virtual tours were so engaging and user friendly that they could experience the visit of a museum by navigating from gallery to gallery. The Heart-Map was a fabulous and fun activity.  As a parent I felt so impressed that Glendale Academy made learning  innovative and interesting.

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There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain function. “Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world.”


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