The Heart Domain


The Whole Person Approach

There are four domains that The Whole Person Approach (WPA) consists of the BODY, HEART, MIND and SPIRIT across the Multiple Intelligence (MI) spectrum. They also reinforce the Four Cs of the 21st century: Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” –Aristotle


Emotional Dimension

When we look at pre-natal development, science confirms that the heart starts beating before the brain is fully formed. A pioneer in the field of neuro-cardiology, Dr. J. Andrew Amour, M.D., Ph.D., has  uncovered some groundbreaking discoveries regarding the function of the heart’s intrinsic nervous system. “The heart possesses its own little brain, capable of complex computational analysis on its own. Data clearly indicate that the intrinsic cardiac nervous system acts as much more than a simple relay station for the extrinsic autonomic projections to the heart...”

Did You Know

Students participate in various activities such as keeping Gratitude Jars, Kindness Bingo, E-card making for friends and helpers and following the Self-Care Menu for themselves

Cultivating the Heart Dimension

The Heart Dimension in WPA can be cultivated by developing a person’s Interpersonal intelligence and Intrapersonal Intelligence. Interpersonal Intelligence refers to the ability that helps us connect and bond with others.  A long-term Harvard study has found that, it is the depth and quality of our relationships that increases our longevity and happiness quotient. What better way to connect than through small acts of kindness that can create a huge ripple of impact. Kindness can also be thought of as deposits in other persons’ emotional bank accounts in which kindness counts. The more one deposits, the more one can draw a feeling of trust, reliance and trust in relationships making them richer. Our first activity for developing the Heart Dimension in our WPA 1.0 was to record acts of kindness which also reinforced one’s Interpersonal Intelligence and second activity was to increase the attitude of gratitude by recording all that which we are blessed with and appreciating it.

3H Activity

3H stands for Health, Hygiene, and Happiness. Students practiced the act of kindness by making 3H kits and distributing to the community helpers. The kits comprised of face masks, soaps, sanitizers, fruits, and chocolates or sweets

Parents Testimonials

Mrs. Farahnaaz Kheradmand: Parent of Zaamin Ali (Grade II D)

The 3H activity intiated by Glendale Academy was a wonderful activity tot teaching our little leaders to contribution to the society from what they have. As our school song says, “sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny.”  The thought of Ms. Anjum Babukhan to help society will become a habit, later a character for our little leaders. Zaamin really enjoyed the 3H activity and planed to give the 3H kit to our maid initially but an electrician walked in and  it was so mindful of Zaamin to give the kit to the electrician.

Ms. Suraksha: Parent of Samaksh (Grade 1A)

The initiative taken by the school in making the kids assemble the 3H kit in the current situation is appreciated. Dev enjoyed putting together the kit for our driver, Venkatesh. He learnt the value of donating and why we donated each item in the kit. For example, fruits for health and immunity, sanitizer and mask for hygiene, and the candy for happiness. He was very happy when Venkatesh came back and told that his children were thrilled to get the candy.

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The Heart Domain was a collection of a weekly menu of activities that aimed at helping the students practice virtues like Kindness and Gratitude.


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