The Body Domain


The Whole Person Approach

There are four domains that The Whole Person Approach (WPA) consists of the BODY, HEART, MIND and SPIRIT across the Multiple Intelligence (MI) spectrum. They also reinforce the Four Cs of the 21st century: Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration.

“Our Body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” – Buddha


Physical Dimension

The Body and Mind are so deeply connected that we  when work on our physical dimension, it inevitably leads to increased mental well-being. Two very important and time-tested contributors to good health and wellness are “Nature”and “Exercise.” During the Body Domain, we incorporated new habits of  “Going Green” and “Being Fully Alive” to increase our vitality through physical activity, consuming natural goodness and spending time in nature.

Did You Know

Attention Restoration Theory (ART) (Kaplan, 1989, 1995) suggests that mental fatigue and concentration can be improved by time spent in or looking at the nature. The capacity of the brain to focus on a specific stimulus or task is limited and results in 'directed attention fatigue'.

Nature Nurtures

At Glendale, our green ten-acre campus stands testimony to our belief in the nurturing effects of the nature. We went an extra mile to cultivate the seeds of naturalistic intelligence further by being the first school in the subcontinent to incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our curriculum. Now we have trans-formed these seeds to a full-fledged habit by adding “Go Green” in our Whole Person Approach under the physical dimension.

Relish the Goodness of Mother Nature

  • Be With Nature
  • Go Green & UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Eat the Rainbow
  • Stay Active Daily
  • Challenge Yourself Physically
  • Healthy Plate
  • Drink Detox

Parents Testimonials

Ms. Kavita Mathur: Parent of Ruhaan Mathur (Grade II A)

2020 has been the  toughest on children as they were forced to confine themselves inside their  homes. Their otherwise active and always on-the-go lifestyle  took a sedentary turn. We  are grateful to Glendale for introducing the WPA Body Dimension that enabled our children to engage in some fun and easy physical activities. Ruhaan enjoyed giving a kickstart to his mornings with deep breathing exercises and unwinding during his evening walks with me. To balance this healthy aspect he incorporated the Rainbow Food Plan in his everyday diet and not only did he cut his junk food intake, but also ensured everyone in the family followed these activites regularly. It definitely helped us all.

Ms. Urmila Yadav: Parent of Akshararanjani (Grade UKG A)

2020 has been an extraordinary year and we all had to adapt to the "New Normal." I think Glendale’s curriculum encompasses all aspects of the child’s well being including physical and emotional intelligence and nurtures their overall development. Besides that Glendale’s focus on “living an active and healthy lifestyle”, through exercise and nutrition, is commendable. My daughter is really enjoying this innovative  engagement model and we, as parents, really appreciate all the hard work being put in by the teachers.

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Monthly Program: The month-long Body Domain program was divided into two fortnights and focused on Physical Fitness and Healthy Food Habits.


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