ABC’s of Brain-Compatible Learning

by Anjum Babukhan

Today, educational reform needs to incorporate change in a major way. Research related to human brain, indicates the ways with how the brain learns and its implications for teaching and learning at home, in the classroom and the world at large. This text works on the premise that understanding how we learn will contribute to not only smarter ways of learning but will also impact how we interact with children. This interdisciplinary book combines knowledge and research with my extensive experience as an educator over the last two decades.

With immense pleasure I am thrilled to share the limited first edition of my book titled, ABC’s of Brain-Compatible Learning, launched on 15th July, 2016 at the Park Hyatt, Hyderabad. Former Dean, Indian School of Business, Dr. Ajit Ranjnekar representing academia, award-winning film director Mr.S.S. Rajamouli representing creativity and Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals, Ms. Sangita Reddy representing medical sciences released this book.



...Your new & cleverly – designed book ABCs of Brain Compatible Learning has brought back memories of my trip to Glendale in early 2012. I wish you luck with your continued endeavors!

Dr.Howard Gardner – Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education – Harvard Graduate School of Education - USA. (Father of Multiple Intelligence)

...Lovely Book, I went thru it completely and I only wish I was a student today. Great Effort!

Entire book has two premises one being how teachers need to be prepared by being knowledgeable and keeping themselves updated with what’s happening around. Large institutions need to take this book and here arises the big worry of have and have not’s but one can’t stop , hopefully in the coming 3 to 5 years this book is able to reach every school with the help of technology in the country. Though this transformation will not happen immediately as Pioneers will face initial struggle but this book will make its place !

Dr.Ajit Rangnekar – Former Dean Indian School of Business

I am very proud of you for coming up with a lot of research done to collect your material. We hope to hear more from you in future.

Begum Anees Khan - Chairperson, Nasr Education Society Hyderabad.

Anjum Babukhan in her book ‘ABCs of Brain Compatible Learning’ has captured the essence of how children learn in simple yet effective capulses that have helped educators and parents engage children and unlock their learning potential. Highly recommend the book to educators and parents looking to help their children maximize their learning abilities

Sumana M Rao Co-Founder Safety Club.

There is a passion to education and learning, we are very lucky that Anjum you the lady with passion came from Chicago to Hyderabad and decided to be here to do this.

You are not only setting standards in your own school but any institution that raises the bar has an effort not only within their own boundaries but the entire environment because it spreads, it learns that’s really what I think is fabulous that you have been doing.

The ways with which the techniques of modern learning has been connected with scientific benefits like pinching the ear activates the thinking cap or rubbing below the collar bone activates the brain shows how knowledge and science can be applied in the present stage !!

As I went thru the book, I figured out we are super lucky as she has done the research for us, so all we need to do us go thru this one as mothers and teachers.

Also mentioning that this book is like information nuggets as learning never stops !

Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

If someone comes to work with me from a school with this kind of education ill be much happier than having a post-graduate or an engineer.

Today what I am is because I did what I enjoyed, when I was a child my mom never stopped me from things that made me happy, if the child is happy they’ll automatically retain and learn it for life and this books shows how learning can be made fun. In So many chapters you mentioned of taking education out of class, that was the best part for me.

Mr. S.S. Rajamouli – Award winning Film Director.

The whole country needs this kind of book if we have to grow as a nation; we all need to have our kids smart.

It is very important for teachers to upgrade their skills.

Mani Shankar – Filmmaker

The author, Anjum Babukhan has beautifully explained the cognitive aspects of learning process among children and amazingly presented them in an alphabetical order in her book titled, “ ABCs of Brain-Compatible Learning.” She seems to be quite focused in her approach aiming to benefit all those who are associated with an educational system through a new paradigm based on neuroscience, “Brain-Compatible Learning.”

Brain Compatible Learning is when a school, its curriculum, engaging methodology, physical environment, and psychological dynamics are designed and carried in a way that complement and accelerate the functioning of the brain in learning knowledge”- Eric Jensen. Concepts like attention, motivation, emotions, multiple intelligence, creative thinking, intellectual, social and physical development can be very well incorporated in the teaching process to make it more effective, innovative and worthwhile.

An excellent effort by Anjum Babukhan to portray the significance of Brain-Based Learning.

Dr. Vibha Asthana Principal Ghulam Ahmed College of Education

Disruptive thinking and diligence spawned this prolific book!

E.Damodar – IPS – Hyderabad – Telengana.

I am glad we now have a handy handbook for teachers as well as parents. Congratulations once again, God Bless!

Sonal Ravi Andrews – Director (Integrated Preschool Teachers Training Academy)

Lovely concept very essential for education and living and orienting parents and teachers will go long way to help mankind.

Dr Lakshmi Krishnan – Neeraj Public School. Hyderabad.

Dear Ma'am

"Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But every Today well lived makes every Yesterday a dream of happiness and every Tomorrow a vision of hope."

Thank you for being the guiding stone for us at Glendale. Truly appreciate the ever upward learning curve. You've really taught us how to "fish" hence feeding the learning curve for a lifetime. Your book is a lighthouse for us teachers which not only gives us useful tips at our fingertips but also guides us towards shores of greater learning.

Wishing you loads of happiness, love, peace and prosperity in the New Year.

Have a fantastic year!

Divya – Life Skills Grade 1,2,3

Definitely this book is very informative, insightful, realistic, futuristic page turner which every teacher should possess. It is a handy book to add to a teacher’s library.

“ABC's of Brain Compatible Learning” is 109 pages of action packed resource book for effective teaching and learning. It provides us with an overview of important facts and psychological theories which are associated with the process of teaching and learning. It refreshes our memory on the essential topics related to the teaching learning and understanding the learners.

Personally we found most of the chapters stimulating like the Brain Gym exercises, integrating humour in the classroom, use of graphics, memory tips, etc. that can be practiced in classroom.

On the whole it is written in a very simple and understandable language with practical applicability. It is written in a lively and engaging way which makes it look like a Mini Encyclopedia for the teacher educators and the teachers in action. The quality of the book is good with excellent visual representation and an attractive cover page.

NISY.M.A. and Noor Askari – Assisstant Professors, Ghulam Ahmed College of Education